Bulging disc in neck is a condition that occurs quite commonly. A good number of people, especially the old folks, contract this condition quite frequently. When the discs located on the cartilage between the vertebrae’s spine get weakened, they may bulge out and touch the spinal canal. In simple terms, this is the situation which gives rise to Bulging disc in neck. There is always a possibility that the bulging disc might impinge the nerve root, and if this happens, the results will be extreme pain, tingling and numbness as well as leading to a situation where the back, shoulder and neck all become weakened.

Bulging disc in neck

It is not always the case that you will experience pain whenever you are affected by Bulging disc in neck. Many are the people with this condition who also enjoy relatively painless moments every single day. However, it can cause a lot of discomfort if it continues to bulge unimpeded. The biggest cause of the condition is the aging process. It is quite obvious that several parts of the body get to lose their strength as a person grows old. The spine’s cartilage begins to lose its power as well during the aging process. The water and elasticity that the cartilage loses, transforms it into a brittle and weaker part of the body.

Genetics play a very important role in the occurrence of Bulging disc in neck. As long as there is a family member who complains a lot about back related problems, your chances of being affected by this condition will be quite high. If you know that your family has been affected by such a history, it would be wise to seek the advice or input of your doctor to determine whether there is anything that you can do to reduce the possibility of being affected by Bulging disc in neck. Some types of injuries may also be quite severe that they end up causing the disc in the neck to bulge.

Try to avoid a situation where you take up a wrong posture when sleeping or sitting down. If this is not remedied, then your chances of being afflicted by Bulging disc in neck will be quite high. Don’t sit down while slouching in a coach. Don’t walk or stand or sit while your head is moved forward, or with rounded shoulders. These are a few of the postures that will eventually lead to this condition. What about your lifestyle choices? Do they contribute to this condition as well? The answer is yes. If you love to smoke cigarettes, and never take time to exercise, this will eventually cause the cartilage to wear off hence the disc will inevitably bulge.

Some symptoms of Bulging disc in neck which you need to be on the lookout for include pain in the arms and hands. If your hands and arms are painful or appear to be too weaker and you can’t pin point what the causes are, then it would be wise to seek the help provided by a medical doctor and be examined thoroughly. It could very well be that your neck has been affected by bulging discs. In the worse case scenario, the arms and hands may even fail to function completely. This is a severe condition and if this happens, then medication must be sought early from the health care provider.

Referred pain might be indicative of the fact that you are affected by Bulging disc in neck. If you are unable to point out where the referred pain is coming from, then it is time for you to get a doctor to check you out and determine whether the disc in your neck has bugled or not. This referred pain is felt in the shoulders and arms as well as along your hands. Many are the times when the pain is too much concentrated along the referred area than even the spot where the disc has bulged.

Bulging disc in neck
The most obvious symptom of Bulging disc in neck is pain within and around this area. Any pain in the neck is something that you should never assume or take for granted, particularly if it persists and never abates no matter how many times you try to remedy it. The pain could be dull and thudding, or in the severe cases it could also be quite sharp and acute. Check where the pain is located in your neck. Is it located around the base or sides of the neck? If it is, then treatment ought to be sought as quickly as possible since it could be indicative of the fact that the disc has bulged and will probably continue to do so unless solutions are applied fast.

A change in life should always be more than adequate to remedy the Bulging disc in neck. However, if you don’t see any positive change, then don’t hesitate to seek out the input of your doctor.

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