There are several remedies for pinched nerve in back. A pinched nerve can occur anywhere on the body starting at the neck, to the arms. This article seeks to place emphasis on the remedies that are most ideal in a situation where the pinched nerve occurs at the back. If this condition is not treated in good time, it will lead to a situation where the patient is unable to perform even some of the simplest tasks. Normal activities would be a major problem unless the best and most suitable remedies are sought, regardless of whether they are home-based or medical.

Pinched Nerve In Back

Your first task is to try and identify the symptoms of the pinched nerve in back. Even if you can’t identify all its symptoms, try to be good at noticing a few of the most basic. A sharp pain at the base of your neck, or some form of numbness that you are unable to explain away, or weaknesses and spasms on your muscles accompanied with regular tingling should be enough to tell you that you are affected by this condition. Once you are skilled at identifying the symptoms, the next step will not be as difficult as it would have been.

Pinched Nerve In Back
Give the pinched nerve in back plenty of time to rest. This might appear to be a very simple process but it plays a major role in expediting the process. Giving the nerve time to rest is important because the strained nerve will be furnished with plenty of opportunities to cool off. If the pinched nerve in back continues to be strained or used in performing other tasks, it will get damaged further. A good rest allows the nerve with the chance to obtain plenty of relief from pain and inflammation thereby speeding the healing process.

Aerobics exercises can be quite helpful in helping with the speeding up of the healing of a pinched nerve. These exercises must not be focused on the strained nerve or even the neck. It is to be performed only on the other parts of the body such as feet and arms. If the aerobics might cause more harm than good, then take a walk around the neighborhood. There is no reason why you should avoid swimming simply because of a pinched nerve in back. Swimming or aerobic exercises help blood to be pumped all over the body and this speeds up the healing.

There is a process commonly referred to as the hot and cold method. It can be applied on the back in order to reduce the pain and improve the healing process. The first step involves applying something warm or hot on the affected muscle. This will help the affected muscle to relax. Soak some piece of cloth in a hot water and then apply it gently on the affected muscle in the back. Every time you finish this process, you ought to follow up on it by rubbing some ice pack gently on the affected part of your back as well.

What about a hot oil massage? Will it help? Yes, it will. Therefore, make an appointment at the nearest massage parlor and let the experts work on your pinched nerve in back until you sense that there is truly a change. You may need to make return trips to the massage parlor for an extended period of time. There is nothing wrong with this as long as it will produce the results you hope for. You may also want to take this opportunity to ask the massage expert to place special emphasis on the affected part of your back where a nerve has been pinched.

Increased intake of calcium is crucial if you intend to see an improvement in the condition of your pinched nerve in back. There are several types of foods you can take naturally to help boost the amount of calcium your body needs to remedy this condition. If need be, medication supplements ought to be sought as long as the amount of calcium in your body improves. If the pinched nerve is as a result of the deficiency in calcium in your body, then this simple remedy is quite adequate to create a positive and permanent change.

If you suffer regularly from pinched nerve in back, then it could be because of the amount of acidic food you regularly include as part of your diet. Where it is determined that this is the reason why you are affected by this condition, then you better cut off or eliminate the amount of acidic food you eat. If you want to eliminate the acidity in your body, or at the very least to reduce it, then you must start consuming plenty of foods and fruits such as apples, cucumbers, papayas, water melons, and bananas.

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