Mid back pain is often described as any amount of discomfort a person might feel around his or her back. The human back experiences pain either on its upper or lower parts. The pain cab range from mild to chronic and affects both males and females in equal measure. It may not be as common as lower back pain which affects a large number of patients, but it’s just as painful. The parts of the back that are always at risk of irritation or inflammation hence causing this condition include the spine, nerves, spinal cord, muscles, discs, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels among others.

Injury can cause mid back pain

If you come across a person complaining of mid back pain, then it could be because of an injury obtained while taking part in sports, or and poor posture. The poor posture relates to how a person projects his or her body when seated down on a chair or stool or even on the ground. Arthritis is also a medical condition that ends up causing mid back pain in a good number of people as well. If you go through a car accident, your chances of contracting mid back pain will automatically be quite high. Trauma and diseases as well as muscle strains are the other common causes of this type of back pain.

For the most part, this type of pain will last for only a few days. In such a situation, you can comfortably state that it is mild. However, there are times when it is very chronic and the level f pain is unbearable. A chronic level of this disease is one in which it lasts more than three months. It can then be remedied and the pain level brought down to manageable levels, or made to disappear completely. Most patients tend to describe the pain they experience on their middle backs as annoying, dull or sharp and quite acute.

If the back pain is not treated properly and in good time, it can spread to other parts of the body thus leading to more discomfort. If the spinal cord is responsible for mid back pain, then the pain will most likely spread elsewhere in the body thus forcing you to spend a lot of time on the treatment table. Interestingly, pain form other parts of the body can also be spread into the middle part of the back. This offers a clear evidence of the need to tackle or treat any pain that occurs on any part of the body in good time before things get any worse.

Women with mid back pain
In some of the worst cases, mid back pain may lead to immobility if left untreated for long. This requires quick action on the part of the affected party. If you notice some pain developing on the middle parts of your back, you should take very quick steps to remedy it by consulting your doctor. The doctor will most definitely examine you thoroughly and in some cases you might be asked to take an X-ray to determine what is bringing the pain in the first place. Your lifestyle would also have to be examined as it could be a cause of mid back pain.

Depending on the nature of the back pain, it might need simple or extensive treatment options. If it is mild, then a simple self care process performed by the patient is quite sufficient to remedy the situation and bring it back under control. However, if the pain is chronic, then there are times when a surgical procedure could be the only recourse left for the patient. If the self care procedures are carried out properly, then it could only take a few weeks for the treatment process to be completed and the patient to feel that he or she is able to move around without a problem.

There are a few symptoms you ought to be on the lookout for if you are to determine whether you are suffering from mid back pain or not. Some of these symptoms occur as a result of another underlying problem. As the name suggest, one of the most common symptoms is the presence of pain around the middle of your back. You may also wake u in the morning to a back stiffness that makes it very hard for you to function normally or optimally. If you are regularly affected by anxiety and depression, it could be an indicator that you have middle back pain.

When your back becomes warm, red or swollen, this is indicative of the fact that you are afflicted by mid back pain. Other symptoms of mid back pain include sleep problems, pain around the neck or hip or shoulders, in addition to headache, fever and fatigue hence the need for you to rush to your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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